In September 2000, Kevin Hines leapt off the Golden Gate Bridge, a method of suicide attempt that has resulted in death for most of the 2000 people who have made that jump since the bridge was erected in 1937.

But Kevin survived. He survived, and in the 16 years since his nearly fatal try, Kevin has become the bridge between the many mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, spouses, friends, and loved ones who made a similar acts. Each doing what they did to put an end to unimaginable suffering—and those left behind, wondering why? What could we have done to help?

Even further, Hines, in sharing his story, is fostering a critical bridge of hope between life and death for people caught in the pain of living with serious mental illness, difficult life circumstances, and more. 

His refreshing honesty, realism, advocacy, and appreciation of the complex conditions that contribute to mental illness is a much-needed guiding like through the darkness of societal stigma and discrimination.

He is one of only thirty-six (less than 1%) to survive the fall and he is the only Golden Gate Bridge jump survivor who is actively spreading the message of living mentally healthy around the globe.


In 2016, Mental Health America awarded Kevin their highest honor, The Clifford W. Beers Award for his efforts to improve the lives of and attitudes toward people with mental illnesses. Previously, he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Council of Behavioral Health in partnership with Eli Lilly. Kevin has also been awarded by SAMSHA as a Voice Awards Fellow and Award Winner, an Achievement Winner by the US Veterans Affairs and received over 30 U.S. military excellence medals as a civilian.

Kevin sits on the boards of the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF), the Bridge Rail Foundation (BRF) and the Mental Health Association of San Francisco (MHASF) and on the Survivors Committee of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 

Previously, he was a board member of the Northern California Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and was a two-term member of San Francisco’s Mental Health Board. He has spoken in congressional hearings alongside Patrick Kennedy in support of The Mental Health Parity Bill. He continues his policy work as an Ambassador to the National Council for Behavioral Health.

In the summer of 2013, Kevin released his bestselling memoir titled Cracked Not Broken, Surviving and Thriving After A Suicide Attempt. He is currently producing a documentary entitled Suicide: The Ripple Effect. 

Kevin’s will to live and stay mentally well has inspired people worldwide. His compelling story has touched diverse, global audiences within colleges and universities, high schools, corporations, clergy, military, clinicians, health and medical communities, law enforcement organizations, and various industries. Thousands have communicated to Hines that his story helped save their lives. He has reached millions with his story.

His story was featured in the 2006 film The Bridge by the film director and producer Eric Steel. 

Kevin believes in the power of the human spirit and in the fact that you can find the ability to live mentally well. His mantra: “Life is a gift, that is why they call it the present. Cherish it always.”


Lauren Breen

CEO Matt Runnalls   pictured with Lauren Breen, Stef Caminiti & Pat Lawson

CEO Matt Runnalls pictured with Lauren Breen, Stef Caminiti & Pat Lawson

Lauren Breen is a local Perth girl, who has been working & volunteering in the mental health and suicide prevention sectors for over 6 years. After the death of her brother, Aidon to suicide in 2008, Lauren created The Aidon Project. It was a passion project that has developed and grown into the Lauren Breen Foundation, a broad community based movement, aiming to raise the awareness and harness the voices of people with a lived experience of suicide.  Within the paid mental health sector, Lauren is privileged to be the Team Leader for the Personal Helpers and Mentors & Partners in Recovery programs in her local community. Author of the book, “TRUST – Surviving the Ripple Effect of Suicide”, Lauren uses her lived experience, coupled with her desire and determination to impact change, to get involved in many amazing projects and organisations including, Lifeline WA, Reach Out, Anglicare WA, LIVIN, A Stitch in Time and The Enemy Within and more recently as a National leader in the Suicide Prevention Australia Lived Experience Leadership group. Lauren is across all things suicide prevention and mental health and is continuing to spread the message of hope & resilience to all the people she meets.

Patrick Lawson

Patrick is a mental health advocate and international "lived experience" speaker. Pat is the creator of the Facebook page “3Words; I Need Help”. Designed to help others to speak openly about their mental illness and to know that there will be no "stigma" or negativity thrown back at them. Patrick is an ambassador for Suicide Prevention Australia and also a member of Kevin Hines “Team Ripple Australia”. After an attempt to take his own life, Patrick was given the diagnosis of clinical depression, anxiety, OCD and emotional liability.

Patrick is living proof that mental illness can effect just about anyone and can be managed. Patrick has now dedicated his life to improve the lives of others battling with mental illness. 


Stef Caminiti

Stefani Caminiti is an avid mental health advocate and speaker. Her mission is to help support people in achieving mental wellness.

She is at the tail-end of completing her bachelors degree in psychology and counselling. For the past 10 years she has dedicated her time volunteering for various organisations within the mental health sector such as Lifeline WA, The Salvation Army youth department, Urban network, beyondblue and currently a mentor for Girls Standing Strong. Stef is also a proud supporter and speaker for SANE Australia and proud member of the lived experience network with Suicide Prevention Australia. At present Stef works for Anglicare WA as a personal helper and mentor supporting people who are living with mental illness.

By sharing her lived experience of battling with severe depression and anxiety for most of her life and how Stef has learnt to manage it, She can encourage others to seek help and continue to deliver the message of hope.


Joe Williams

Joe is a proud Wiradjuri, 1st Nations Aboriginal man born in Cowra, raised in Wagga NSW, Australia. Joe played in the National Rugby League (NFL equivalent) for South Sydney Rabbitohs, Penrith Panthers and Canterbury Bulldogs before switching Joe to professional Boxing in 2009. Joe is a 2x WBF World Jnr Welterweight champion and recently won the WBC Asia Continental Title. 

Wagga Wagga Citizen of the Year in 2015 for his work within the community, mental health and suicide prevention sectors, Joe is also a published author, contributing to the book; 'Transformation; Turning Tragedy To Triumph". Most recently Joe has also been involved in filming of the worldwide documentary, "Suicide the Ripple Effect" from director and fellow advocate, Kevin Hines.

Joe now spends his time working to inspire youth and individuals through motivational speaking workshops, run through his charity The Enemy Within. He has had his own battles, struggles and setbacks, which culminated in his own suicide attempt in 2012.


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