Mindfull Aus, a registered foundation with The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission is an organisation founded in early 2016 on the back of lived experiences with Mental Illness & the ripple effect of Suicide.
Mindfull's purpose is to encourage those affected by Mental Illness to come out of the shadows of the surrounding stigma via self acceptance and education. Mindfull aims to give people a better understanding of all diagnosed Mental Illness’s & Suicide, in turn improving the life's of those affected via holistic learning and intense focus on all emotions and behaviours. Ensuring they can live a happy, enjoyable & fulfilling life.

Mindfull Aus aims to achieve these goals by conducting numerous amounts of projects, workshops, Community events and Speaking opportunities across Australia with a great emphasis on the youth, Construction Industry, Primary & Secondary education system, Sporting club cultures & ensuring the rural parts of the country have the same access to help and support as metro areas.

Mindfull Aus identified the importance of delivering the raw and powerful truths of living with Mind health challenges and the confronting reality of the ripple effect of Suicide. We feel a greater need for journeys that provide messages of Acceptance, Resilience & Hope, because we know that Hope helps Heal. Bringing comfort to the conversation and addressing all issues with a holistic approach.

Our purpose as an organisation and something we felt was detrimental to seeing a decline in statistics to Suicide, which we feel needed more emphasis is in putting our focus on helping those through connection, through providing people with someone they feel both comfortable with and can relate to. Giving people a voice, encouraging vulnerability.

Given the right education and gaining a better understanding of the mind enables people experiencing the dark thoughts and feelings of Depression & Anxiety to be aware of the signs & symptoms, to know how to help a loved one, but also in realising that speaking up about your problems is no longer weak and is a sign of strength.
We recognize at Mindfull Aus the significance in standing up against the stigma associated with Mental Illness and the value we all become to one another when we are united with a greater understanding. There is no shame in speaking up, the only shame is on those that mock a pain they have never endured.
It starts with you & I. Help us, help those who struggle to make sense of day to day. Your dedication and contribution to change, will be the difference in someone's life. 


Matt Runnalls
CEO & Founder Mindfull Aus