Mindfull Aus would firstly like to express their gratitude with your willingness to collaboratively help and support Mindfull Aus continue to bring education, a greater understanding, acceptance and hope, wide spread across Australia.
Changing the way mental illness, wellbeing and suicide is perceived and treated in our communities, but also for your generosity and support of Mindfull Aus which has allowed us to continue our mission to eradicate stigma

and reduce suicide statistics in high risk areas.
With the increasing risks, alarming rise in statistics and lack of lived experience education, Mindfull Aus was founded in early 2016 as an Australian Non-Profit Mental Health & Wellbeing foundation with Australian Charities & Commission Board.

Mindfull Aus purpose is to encourage those to come out the surrounding shadows of stigma via self-acceptance and a greater education. Equipping individuals and communities with the tools, techniques, strategies to nurture our systems in a natural way, ensuring that they can get back on the road to wellness and living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life like we all deserve. We operate as an organisation through three core areas and values that we see evidence to support that enables us to encourage vulnerability, birthing strength and courage in our communities. Those three core values include –

  1. Connection and Communication

  2. Relatable Approach

  3. Enthusiasm/Energy and Innovation

Mind health challenges, disorders and diagnosis contribute to one of the top causes of disability within Australia, with 3128 lives lost to suicide in 2017 and an estimated 65,000+ attempts at suicide a year reported. Suicide and mental illness is the biggest killer in Australia of people ages 15-44.
At Mindfull Aus, we work tirelessly to reduce these statistics and build stronger, more resilient families and individuals by conducting numerous amounts of innovative, relatable and realistic campaigns, events, speaking engagements, workshops, fundraisers and helping train and mentor our future community leaders.

With all of this in mind, Mindfull Aus is looking to further its reach and efficiency within our high-risk areas, such as our rural communities, construction industry, farming industry, sporting clubs and early intervention learning by spreading our evidence based approach to wellness, our accreditation trainings and resources as far and wide as possible.

Thank you for helping us to continue to change the way mind and behavioural health is both perceived and treated, please know that your generosity and emphasis on community wellbeing is having a positive impact on tens of thousands of vulnerable Australians a year, so thank you!

I look forward to continuing driving consistent passion and enthusiasm into a topic that is often left behind, dodged or sugar coated. I truly believe and can see the positive and everlasting impact that Mindfull Aus is having on changing the way mind and behavioural health is both perceived, treated and valued.

You are Loved & Worthwhile

- Matt Runnalls (CEO & Founder


Matt Runnalls
CEO & Founder Mindfull Aus