Our Governance

ABN 43 612 615 988

Objectives of the Organisation 

  • The Company working as a Health Promotion Charity with the following key objectives:

  • Encouraging those affected by Mental Illness to come out of the shadows of the surrounding stigma via self-acceptance and education.

  • To give people a better understanding of all diagnosed Mental Illness's & the ripple effect of Suicide and in turn improving the life's of those affected; ensuring they can live a happy, enjoyable & fulfilling life. 

Our Noble Purpose

Mindfull Aus purpose is to encourage those effected by mind health challenges to put wellness back in their own hands, enabling them to find their true value, self-worth, purpose and belonging, so that they not only get by and cope but live and lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

Mindfull Aus was founded on the premise of taking a youthful, realistic and comfortable approach to talking about Mental Illness, wellness and suicide. With facilitations from compassionate, lived experience advocates with inspiring journeys that both replicate wellness and a life of hope, healing and recovery we're able to establish a connection that provides people with the courage to take acceptance and onus for their wellness.

Core Capabilities

The connection of lived experience is our Core strength and enables us to attract like-minded compassionate individuals who help us build strong relationships and networks. In order to expand our reach, we require a sustainable funding model that allows us to contribute to building stronger, more resilient communities, more productive and enjoyable workplaces, healthier schools and reducing stigma in blue collar industries and sporting cultures.

Focus areas of impact

Through our reach across high risk suicide areas which include; blue collar industries, regional and remote communities and the youth of our country we engage and facilitate our intervention workshops, educating people a strength-based recovery model/approach, equipping those with the emotional intelligence and control mea- sures to combat life's inevitable situations, challenges and difficulties.

Signposts for success

We measure our success through the large number of engagements we reach across our various social media platforms, but most importantly the outcomes for workshop participants at the conclusion of our trainings. In 2019 we are partnered with a 180 Degrees Consulting and Melbourne University to evaluate the effectiveness of both our organisation as a whole, but also the impact and effectiveness of our Inside & Out workshop and our Blueprint to Wellness workshop.

We recognise the significance in standing up against stigma associated with mental health and the value we all become we are united with a greater understanding. This impact is recognised by the volumes of people who are actively seeking out referral, help and support from professional services and getting back on the path to the healthy, happy and fulfilling lives they each deserve.



  • Raise Awareness in high risk suicide areas such as construction industry, farming industry, country areas, and young adults. 



  • raise awareness of suicide and the reasons for it;

  • provide support and assistance to communities and persons who are effected from suicide;

  • assist with suicide prevention and focus on early intervention;



  • Approaching topics surrounding mental health with energy and in an enjoyable and relatable way.

  • Through Merchandise & custom apparel for Sport Clubs/Fundraisers

  • Memorial Events & Recognised Mental Health/Suicide days.