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It's Udder-ly Ridiculous - Farming Wellness Evening

Attention all farmers **
(If you know any in Victoria, especially the Gippsland region please tag away and help them by attending this event)

"It's Udder-Ly Ridiculous" - 
An evening of meaningful conversation - Call PH 59 97 5000 TO BOOK YOUR SEAT.

Male regional suicide rate in 15-29 year-olds is 2 X general population. Add on top of that the research that shows farmers have a 2x higher suicide rate than other occupations.

They maintain their tractors, maintain their pumps and everything related, now it's time we provide the resources, tools and conversations so they can put more emphasis on the things that matter the most.... their wellbeing and health.

Don't wait for them to come to us, let's go to them.
So, on August 28th that's what we will be doing. Thanks to Caldermeade Farm & Cafe, we will be venturing out to share laughs, hugs, tears, dinner & drinks but most importantly an evening of hope, healing and the fundamentals to get back on the path to wellness. 

Big thanks to Anne Poke, Brown's Fertilisers, Gendore Tractors and Machinery Pty LtdBurrafoods Pty Limited
MG Trading for their amazing work, contributions and help to make this event happen.

Mindfull Aus was founded to support and implement speaking engagements, education and workshops in high risk areas of this beautiful country, going to places that don't often get the resources they should or the support they need. The valuable places and people that often get forgotten about, we are pumped about this opportunity and can't wait for a night of positive change and impact. Our farmers work tirelessly everyday for us, let's start supporting them!