Mindfull Aus offers not only the platform to start a conversation regarding our health and wellness, but the opportunity for those experiencing the debilitating and exhausting feelings of mental illness to recognise a new level of acceptance, hope & resilience.

We don't only plant a seed for courage, we offer those effected an education through a genuine compassion and connection. That connection comes from confronting lived experiences to ensure they too know they are worthwhile, unique but most importantly loved. 

It might be the ability to wear a pair of our Sports socks for a game, create a new mental health strip for an annual game or a pair of green shoe laces through your boots, but by doing something so simple, we are putting comfort in the conversation and sparking unity throughout the community. 

It could be that pair of Mindfull socks that enables someone together the acceptance they need  to go in and get the help and treatment they desperately require. 



Mindfull Aus encourages all ages, demographics and backgrounds to participate and organise our events. Lets get that conversation started, 1 in 4 are living with a mental illness, most of not diagnosed so who in your community is falling through the cracks?

Do your players, staff, parents or loved ones have a knowledge to identify with the signs and symptoms? the warning signs?. Does your player welfare system and workplace mental health sit well with you?

Be the change your community needs.