Our speakers are lived expertise speakers that are recognised on an international scale, having spent time delivering our workshops and speaking engagements across Australia, America & Canada.

Our workshops & speaking presentations can be altered to suit your requirements and needs. Specialising in mental health awareness, wellbeing, resilience, acceptance, hope & the Road to Wellness . Mindfull Aus uses confronting lived experiences and truths to delve deep into the thoughts and feelings of the audience in hope of bringing those either effected or struggling to the comfort and acceptance of speaking up and back on the path to wellness.

Speaking opportunities, programs & workshops are negotiable with both pricing and time allocated. Every talk is an opportunity to make a difference, so don't hesitate in enquiring today.

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CEO   Matt Runnalls   presents in Arkansa State University, USA - 2017

CEO Matt Runnalls presents in Arkansa State University, USA - 2017



2017- Eastern Oklahoma College, USA- 
2016- 300+ Grade 6 Students at Surrounding Glen Waverly Primary Schools 
2017- Seattle, USA- Panelled Speaker at the Premier of Suicide: The Ripple Effect Movie
2016- Lake Wendouree Football & Netball Club- 
2017- Bert Nash Medical Centre Kansas – 
2017- Florida, USA Magellan Behavioural Health– 
2017- AGL Loy Yang, Traralgon,Victoria -
2016- The Inner Ninja Foundation Launch - 
2017- Arkansas State University, USA- 
2017- South Carolina University
2017- Hope Walk WSPD, Pakenham
2016- Daylesford Football/Netball Club
2015- CBA Property Group Melbourne
Where to begin. Matt Runnalls is a personal hero of mine. He’s also one of my greatest friends. Matt gives his absolute all in everything he does professionally, mentally, spiritually, and mindfully. He’s given a lot to me personally, and has helped fuel a drive to thrive in me like none other. He’s the founder and creator of Mindfull Aus, all about being mindful of those with a mind full. Matt’s passion and dedication to giving back is otherwise un charted. This young man goes above and beyond in every aspect of his life, existence, and through his passion to change not only the lives of great Australians, but those who follow him around the globe. His work ethic is impeccable, and his drive to help people find hope is absolutely breathtakingly powerful. I highly recommend Matt for your gala, school, or event. His message will change the lives of every single attendee you have.

— Kevin Hines - Award Winning Public Speaker, Advocate, filmmaker, Author