A game of trial & error, but mostly error.

Mistakes are the stepping stones we use to find our correct path, to find wisdom. We become more resilient, stronger, wiser all from accepting and understanding the problems and challenges we experience. 

It's only as I board a plane to Queensland to see my extended family that I take the time to self reflect, that means reading back 100's of Journal entries, something that I use to avoid because it brought up things I'd rather forget and I was never strong enough to learn from them. Instead my head would then try and process those times and thoughts of guilt, regret, embarrassment would rise to the surface. I didn't need any more of those thoughts in my already hectic mind.



Speaking tour with Kevin Hines & Dan Price

The difference in the space of 6 months, Im now able to work through these journal entries with a great pride of how far I have come but also because now, I control my mind. Ill share a very confronting entry written from January 27, 2017. It shows the depths in which I was struggling, the thoughts that ravage through my mind but more importantly, it shows now nearly 12 months later how far one can evolve, how resilient we can all be to life challenges if we prioritise and work hard with discipline to be the best version we can be. Sometimes, It takes someone to tell you the truth or a kick up the bum until you realise there is so many alternate ways to overcome things and we are just not doing them.

Suicidal thoughts are becoming more and more frequent. Longer, more detailed and harder to brush aside. Ive gone with good intentions to spend a day in my secret location that normally brings me clarity and helps me fill my cup back up. Im focusing on me and clearing my mind. But the he only thing Ive done since getting here is envisioned a jump. Theres many lookouts and cliff faces here that would make this easy. I want to feel fear but I cant, Im exhausted, tired and I cant be fucked feeling like this anymore. Today is a reflection if anything, I hate my own company, but I hate everyone else’s more. Im stuck
— January 27th, 2017 - Journal Entry


I share this because I know there is people who think and feel the same and they will be resonating with this as they read it. The beauty of this, is that I am so far from the person that wrote than in January. I cant believe ever feeling as good as I do right now. Ive worked harder than I ever have since returning from my second American speaking tour with good friends and advocates. Dan Price, Sammy Webb (www.livin.org) and Kevin Hines (www.kevinhinesstory.com).

These guys have taught me a lot of new techniques that Ive been able to add to my wellness plan and the best part about that... Now I utilise these same practices for those who flood through the Mindfull Aus social media's and email. Its the kindness and compassion shown to me that has enabled me to help others. Its infectious. 


Suicide: The Ripple Effect

Documentary out on screens early 2018

When your broken like I was, you learn to take what's given to you and be very grateful for it. You learn that your life is not something to take for granted , you start to cherish it. You learn how to appreciate things and people, even if you don't like them. Every part of this journey is crafting us into the people we are meant to become. I was guilty of spending too much time disliking, hating people or worrying about different things and events, that I was missing out on opportunities to love, be kind and show compassion.  All 3 of which provide a great level of positivity.

Now having an understanding that we must make mistakes, because it is an opportunity to learn. Learning is a chance to evolve. When Im evolving Im becoming a better person than I was yesterday. Im not working on myself this hard to be the same person I was last year and I hope thats something we all strive to do. Jan 27 when I wrote that piece I never envisioned Dec 28 I would be writing this one.  The difference between the person you are now and who you become is the work you do in between. 

As we wrap things up for 2017, I sit in a very grateful position both personally and as part of Mindfull Aus as everything already locked in for 2018 is very exciting. We have had an awesome first 12-14 months as a registered Not-Profit, engaging with over 40,000 Australians, many more overseas. We have facilitated Mental Health Training's, Hosted community events, memorials, open forums. A year of 50+ speaking engagements, workshops and programs and a combination of media, filming and writing. This year was one of scratching the surface and finding our groove. 2018 we will grow again and I hope you can join Mindfull Aus and myself as we look to bring an everlasting positive, social change to the way Mental Illness is both perceived and how those experiencing mind health challenges are cared for. 



American Speaking Tour - May-April

A big thank you to every single person, good or bad who I've crossed with this year, you've made me grow and helped Mindfull Aus become more empowering and beneficial. Mindfull Aus is not confined to those who sit on the board or have ambassador roles, Mindfull Aus is all of you. Team work will make this dream work. A world where speaking up and having comfort in talking openly about your feelings and emotions is a sign of strength and not one of weakness.

Trade your expectations for appreciation and your life will instantly improve.

Be mindful of those with a mind full.

Matt Runnalls - CEO & Founder- Mindfull Aus


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