Learn about hornets, from those who have been stung by them

"We don't want to implement any workshops where we have potential to see more kids needing to utilise our councillors office"

“We don’t want to talk about mental health and suicide in our schools because we don’t really know how to deal with it”

Knock backs, thats part of it all, keep trying.

Rejected opportunities, thats okay, we will re access and improve.

Ignorance, working to eradicate it.


Answers like the quotes above. Break my fucking heart. To think that the persons in charge of the wellbeing of students turns away a resource because they don't want more work, or more people to seek help, I have no words for. 

Today was an eye opener, this response was one of several that blew me away, but that just means we get up tomorrow and work harder. We improve our approach, we adapt new techniques, we come up with ways so that these kids are being reached and heard to. We will find alternate ways to bring comfort to these youth. These responses won’t halt my mission, they give it more drive. 

It's important to note that 85% of the schools had a line of students sitting and waiting, visibly in tears to speak to someone about their problems while we were there or it was noted by other passing staff members that our work would be so beneficial to have in the school, yet when speaking to councillors and welfare officers in the school they would turn my team away. We have work all around the world, tours in most states. Today wasn't about Mindfull Aus. The motive behind today, was through concerned parents, emailing us calling for action. So we did.

I walked into the unknown when I was 18, suffering from things I couldn’t identify with, I didn’t accept it or understand it. It has taken me a very long time to equip myself with the skills to keep myself well, a list of skills that I work on and add to every day. These are the skills I wish to pass onto these young students, to put their wellbeing back in their hands. To give them a source of hope, to feed them with techniques and practices so they don't lose the 6 mates that just come in from lunch with them.

 Unfortunately, 6 of my friends, all under the age of 25 lost their battle to the unknowns of mental illness, the only outcome I had ever planned for myself. I will never get the opportunity to show these boys that they can do it, that they are just as strong as I am now.

I thought about Suicide every single day for years and id be lying if I said it hadn't crossed my mind since, but my thoughts don't have to become my actions. I'm much stronger than that now. 

I only knew what giving up felt like. I wanted to see what happens if I didn’t, I'm one of the truly lucky ones. I spent many years at the very bottom of life, I spent minimal at the top. Im on my way back there but I want to take as many with me as I can.

I know if I had of been as knowledgable about mental illness, wellbeing and suicide when I was young, life would of been very different, maybe it would of prevented several of those life changing events, maybe not. Education, there is no harm. Ignorance, there is.

Today threw my head into a spin, my head sore, my heart ached. The obvious frustrations that these kids would go without, which upsets me. The worst part, they would miss out for no fault of their own. For those our team met with, there might not be no "tomorrow", there mightn't be a "next year". I wish there was, I fuckn wish there was. You can keep putting band aids on fingers, but you can't put one on these kids hearts.

If you know of anyone who needs this education, who isn't getting it, feel free to contact our team. Lead the way, be the positive change your school, or community needs. 


To all those that battled through the day, that sit here now, exhausted, debilitated by your thoughts, your feelings. Who see life through a thickened fog, who dream of a better tomorrow. It is coming, I promise you. You owe yourself the love, you so freely share with everyone else. You don't need to "man up' , you don't need to fake no macho bullshit, share that vulnerability, find those who are aching to see you smile again, the ears prepared to listen with no judgement and the head with repeated nods. Those are the best sorts. You got this, turn that pain into power. A life of fulfilment and enjoyment, the one you deserve is waiting. 




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